Tommy Messbauer
Founder / Principle
  • Product Development
  • User Research
  • Material Design
  • Data Engineering
  • Postgres
  • Neo4j
  • Web Development
  • Cloud Operations
  • Serverless / Cloud Functions

Deep expertise in databases, middle-tier, microservices, event driven distributed platforms, front end web development, UX research, dev-ops, and more. Recent roles have spanned Program Management, Platform Architecture, Patterns and Practices, Solution Architecture acorss all layers of organizations both large and small. A towering strength is technical writing as well as verbal communcation to both technical and non-technical stakeholders. A natural leader and engineering polyglot.

Early adopter of many technologies including Node.js, Neo4j, Golang, and most recently the programming language Elm. Even though I ❤️ Elm, I’ll be happy to build in the language or framework of your choice.

If you already have a team, I’ll fit in with your culture. If not, I can provide the team or help you hire one.